Christopher M. Lamprecht


11901 Hobby Horse Ct. #1323                                                                           

Austin, Texas 78758                                                                                                                (512) 680-6600


OBJECTIVE:           To help create software that people find useful and love to use.


EDUCATION:        * B.S. Computer Science, B.A. Mathematics, University of Texas at Austin, May 2004.

Overall GPA: 3.43.  Upper division GPA: 3.8.

                                 * Relevant coursework:  Distributed Computing (audit, graduate), Analysis of Algorithms,

Intelligent Information Retrieval and Web Search, Autonomous Multi-Agent Systems, Technology Commercialization (graduate), Formal Model of the Java Virtual Machine, Operating Systems, Computer Networks, Automata Theory, Advanced Java Programming, Number Theory, Probability, Abstract Algebra.

                                 * University Honors, eight semesters.



Dec. 2004 – Present:       Indeed (                                              Lead architect, software engineer

                                 * Employee number one; scaled job search engine from one search per 10 seconds to over

                                    1000 searches per second, with an average search time of less than 250 milliseconds.

                                 * Implemented in-house advertising system currently handling more than ten million queries daily.

May 2001 – Dec. 2004: Classgrabber (                                Founder and system architect

                                 * Designed, developed, and deployed a distributed multi-agent class registration system 

                                    used by over 5000 students at five universities to secure hard-to-get courses. 

                                 * Designed and implemented an integrated course schedule planner user interface.

Jan. 2004 – Dec. 2004:                                                              KPI Consulting (        Developer (contract)

                                 * Developed Jakarta Struts-based web application components for medium-traffic

                                    developer community web sites.

                                 * Implemented Jakarta OJB distributed cache plug-in using JGroups (

May 2002 - Jan. 2003: Forgent Networks (                                       Java Developer Intern

                                 * Designed and implemented a server failover component for Video Network Platform.

                                 * Implemented various application features into the client-side user interface.

SKILLS:                   * Programming Languages:  Java, C, C++, Intel assembly, and some basic Python.

                                 * Relational database design and SQL.  Most familiar with MySQL.

                                 * High-volume Information Retrieval and text search using Apache Lucene.

                                 * Experience with common development tools such as Subversion, Ant, and JUnit.

                                 * Implementation of high-volume concurrent server-side code and design patterns.

                                 * User interface design; implementation using Java Swing.

                                 * Web-based development:  Servlets, JSP, Struts, using Apache Tomcat and JBoss servers.

                                 * Administration of Apache httpd and JBoss/Tomcat servers on Linux.

                                 * Operating Systems and Networking:  Unix (Linux), Windows XP/2000/98/NT.

                                    Protocols:  TCP/IP, UDP, HTTP.

                                 * Proficient in French.


HONORS:               * 3rd place winner of 75 entries, 2003 Idea to Product Competition (Classgrabber).

                                 * 2nd place out of 74 teams, 2002 ACM South Central Regional Programming Contest.

                                 * 5th place (undergraduate), 2001 ACM University of Texas Programming Contest.